5 Resolution: Kyrgyzstan Portfolio

The aim of this fifth part of the course is to explore different ways of presenting photographic work and extend skills in various presentation possibilities.

In commissioned work it will be important to have a portfolio that indicates the range of approaches and skills one can offer to a new assignment. In self-directed work there is scope for multiple forms of presentation. Key considerations in presentation decisions are:
• who are the audience for the work?
• what is the most appropriate way to present a particular body of work in order for your message to be clearly received?

For the full set of images and alternative slideshows from the Kyrgyzstan portfolio see:


The Gallery Context

Traditionally the photograph has been considered in terms of a print, with the high point of recognition being a print exhibition in a Fine Art Gallery.

 5.1 The Origins of the White Cube

Digital Printing Choices

Printing is an integral stage within the creative process, which can potentially add to the conceptual ideas and values of a body of work. Contrast, resolution, colour management and saturation vary between printing processes, different types of ink and paper as well as the initial image processing.

5.2 Print Quotes (to be completed)

The Photobook

Photobooks offer a tactile one-to-one viewing experience for the reader were they control the place and time.  Photographer/designer can give detailed narrative guidance through the images by linear sequencing and juxtaposition in page layout. At the same time, the reader is freer to override this design and establish their own viewing experience.

Time-based presentations (slideshows)

An on-line audio-visual piece can be a piece of art in itself – with images carefully sequenced and timed as a narrative with complementary sound effects and/or narration and/or music as part of the art. It can also be  part of the promotional  ‘presence’ of the work – to coincide with an exhibition or publication, or to help raise interest in funding for a future project.

Time-based audio-visual presentations

Beyond the gallery: site as context

5.6: Context and meaning (could not access the article link)

Artists’ Statements

5.7: Prepare your artist’s statement

Assignment 5: Self-directed project: Perspectives on Kyrgyzstan

For this assignment I used images from a visit to Kyrgyzstan in May 2016, experimenting with different colour and black and white processing and different forms of photobook. For the full set of images and alternative slideshows see:


Baizakh Village colour version images

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Journey Bishkek to Naryn: Black and White version images

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