5.4 Online exhibitions

An online audio-visual piece doesn’t necessarily have to be the piece of art in itself, but may simply be part of the ‘presence’ of the work, put together to promote it, possibly to coincide with an exhibition or publication, or to help generate interest more speculatively. 

A post by Sharon Boothroyd on WeAreOCA discusses a piece of work that is particularly relevant both to our discussions on contemporary landscape photography and the slideshow format. The sequence in question was designed to be the exhibition. Read the post and if you have any comments of your own, add them and include a link in your learning log.

Looking at the Land: 21st Century American Views.

This is a photo slideshow without sound curated for Flakphoto by Andy Adams. See discussion in Post by Sharon Boothroyd on WeAreOCA and student comments.

This slideshow actually left me completely cold. Maybe I missed something here. I was unsure why any of these images had been chosen compared to the on-line collections of images of American photographers I looked at in Part 2 of this course: Landscape as a Journey, Nor could I understand why they were sequenced the way they were. The display as photos confirmed this sense.

I found many other on-line slideshows that I consider more effective in their impact, see my post:

Time-based audio-visual presentations


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