5.5 Create a Slideshow


Look at some of the audio-visual slideshows on the websites listed above. Make some notes about particular works of interest, considering how they are edited, sequenced and how audio is used with images. Note down your own personal observations. (See Post Time-based audio-visual presentations)

Whether or not you intend to present your photographs for Assignment Five as an audiovisual piece, suppose for this exercise that you will. Familiarise yourself with any basic slideshow – or video-making software and compile an edit of your work, experimenting with transitions, text and music and/or sound effects. Save your work so that your tutor and/or an assessor can view this if necessary. Write a brief evaluation of your work, commenting on how appropriate and effective you think this medium is for presenting your photographs.

I was not able to complete this exercise because of RSI.

I have used automated slideshows on both this blog and the zemniimages website as a way of showing many photos in sequence on journeys. See:

I also did this type of automated slideshow for the Kyrgyzstan images:


These all need more work on sequencing to control the impacts as automated slideshows. This is not so straightforward on SmugMug and requires a lot of clicking to deselect and reselect many images – and hence gives RSI. I need to do one page for each set of images, and am planning this for the summer when I have less professional computer work to do.

I do a lot of simple video work in Lightroom and Adobe Premiere for work. The only one containing landscape photos is: 

Maendeleo Yetu on You Tube (done quite quickly and still needs more editing)

I am planning at some point to develop the colour images of Baizakh village as audio-visual presentations in Adobe Premiere. I would like to do something more complex with the Storm over T’ian Shen images in Adobe After Effects. But I get RSI if I do too much video work. So this will have to wait until I have a lot less other work. I also need to find suitable music – or compose my own in Adobe audition. I will be updating my skills in both Audition and Premiere this year for work. I will be developing skills in After Effects for my Illustration level 2 course.


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