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!!Blog in the process of complete redesign and update in connection with my MA in Photography at Falmouth University. Please bear with me till November 2023′

The pages in this blog aim to bring together and develop my thinking about photography as a way to:

  • improve my own ability to see the world more clearly in all its multi-layered, complex, but often interconnected, variety
  • understand myself and my conscious and subconscious reactions and preconceptions about the world
  • experiment with alternative ways of seeing, being and relating
  • communicate my findings, feelings and perceptions in a dialogue with others to ‘make the world a better place’.

The blog brings together the backstories to my MA portfolios, the evolution of:

  • my understanding of photographic concepts and approaches
  • my technical skills through the failures and dead-ends as well as (I hope) things that work.
  • location research on social, environmental and activist issues that provide the context and rationale for my work
  • inspiration from other photographers, filmmakers, artists and writers that inform the approaches I develop.

MA Assignments


More About Zemni Images

Zemni Images Portfolios

http://www.zemniimages.com commercial website for high resolution prints and ‘polished’ narratives.

Other Zemni Blogs

These projects build on cross-media narratives of place for a BA in Visual Communications with Open College of the Arts (OCA) 2014-2022.

For more about these location narratives see my BA Visual Communications portfolios ‘Tales from Edge’:

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