Documentary photographers today


Do your own research into the work and techniques of the Magnum agency photographers and include your findings in your learning log or blog.

The list below represents a range of styles and approaches and has been selected to support your development and give  a feeling of the industry today.
Look briefly at the website of each of the photographers to get an overall feel for the range of work that’s out there. Pick out five or six photographers whose work appeals to you (more if you have time) and analyse their approach:

  • What is the main strength of their practice?
  • What makes them different to other photographers working in a similar genre?
  • Where do your chosen photographers fall in the social documentary–photojournalism spectrum? Does this matter?

Richard Billingham
Briony Campbell
Luc Delahaye
Melanie Dornier
David Gillanders
Nadav Kandar
Steve McCurry
Mimi Mollica
Zanele Muholi
Nicholas Nixon
Ingrid Pollard
Brent Stirton
Medford Taylor
Ed Thomson
Albrecht Tübke
Donovan Wylie