1: Beauty and Sublime Landscape Review To Do

Landscape and the City

!!To be developed with documentary

Since the very beginning of photography, the city has provided opportunities for the photographer: landscape and other subject matter.


Daguerre’s. ‘View boulevard du temple’. First example of photograph of a person. Only rendered because he must have remained relatively still to have his shoes shined.

Talbot’s views of Paris.

“The images of Paris remain passive and mute, and establish not so much the tourist eye-view, hungry for sights to record, as one that was looking for things to record… his London images, for example Nelson’s Column (1843), keep the city at a distance and follow the eye in its way within the urban world.”
(Clarke, 1997, p.77)

Eugene Atget

Social documentary

John Thomson Street Life in London

Jacob Riis How the other half lives.


Cities within cities

A recurring line of investigation is that of the city, not just as one complete interconnecting  unit, but layers of different cities within cities. Sometimes these elements are briefly exposed to one another, but often they are designed to restrain their inhabitants from uncomfortable contact with each other. Eg film In Time.

Paul Seawright.    Invisible Cities.


1.9: Visual research and analysis – social contrasts